It all started with just one or two.
Thinking it was just like the flu.
Our President said,"there was no threat".
Now our country is full of fret.
I go over and over the lives we have lost.
Wondering , what will be the final cost.
People are all racked with fear.
Not even time to shed a tear.
Our hospitals are all getting full.
And all our children are now- out of school.
Some of the businesses have closed their doors.
Soon it will be mine then-yours.
It hurts knowing that our loved
ones, who are most in danger.
Will probably have to die with a stranger.
We are all told to keep our distance.
Without giving any resistance.
I know it seems like it will never end.
It hasn't given us time to mend.
Our healthcare workers are all ready to drop.
They haven't had time to even stop.
Trump was the one I once supported.
Now I wish he could be ---fired and then deported!!!


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