Not another thought, not another word
Bruised, abused, aching
Then the mind betrays me
Felt it on the precipice
As I fall over the edge
As the body betrays the mind
And the mind betrays once again
It lurks in the shadows
I feel it hovering ahead
The lies, the judging, the self doubt
I'm on the precipice again
I can't hold it together
It splits and it spills
The body has betrayed the mind yet again
Body and mind betray each other
As they do the others dirty deeds
On the precipice I've fallen over
Again, again, once again
Hurt, pain, still no gain
Again and again

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This Poems Story

Someone used to tell me mind over matter. Meaning if the mind doesn't focus on it it doesn't matter. But when the body continues to remind the mind of it the mind doesn't have a choice but to dissect it. And that's where the mind betrays you. Because whatever it is you were trying to put in the back of your mind the mind wasn't strong enough to keep it there. And that's what restarts the process. It is basically a piece about hurting one's self during a depression like state and then leaving that state and being forced back into it. Basically the process of it all on a deeper level.