Desperation becomes of me I'm lonely,
Emotional ,I'm ruining my life running in circles.
Peace seems to be what I'm searching for but can never find I'm searching for a heart who is healing like mine.
Resetting time sounds easy when you have a time machine I'm tired of fighting alone the demons inside of me
Epitome of anguish at times I feel nameless
"Save it" they say believing it's a phase that it's all in the mind and you aren't really in pain it's
Shame how they say it's all in your brain "stop whining" "stop crying" "you want attention" did I mention my
Intention is to get you to listen to my failing mission my cry for help before I go insane and hurt me or someone else. you may say I'm
Overly concerned with how life is suppose to be that was the morals instilled in me .
Nothing stopped I must keep going no matter how hard I hurt I never show it.
no one understands on a daily I talk myself off a ledge waking up hoping I was dead. I hope that this letter will get people to understand Depression is an enemy and most times it wins . Suicidal thoughts plague my mind I don't give in . The depressed soul lost and cold. insomnia is my best friend I don't sleep my mind steady racing I'm stuck in between tomorrow and yesterday I'm stuck between being happy and just "OK" How do I do it ? I occupy my time with others in my life I take on their problems to forget mine constantly saying I could be alot worse but I rather be dead suicide is easy fighting another day is hard . I escape hoping to be spared just for today the pain goes away .

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