seen as a plague
no one understanding
besides the ones who are the ones through it
the suffering
of knowing the truth
the other side
the temporary time
until the time comes
you become one with it
not of anguish
but truth
that will be the peace
i long for
for then ill see them again
the kind hearted
shinto and gorsit
im glad you are safe
others by the name
which rings in my head
to another melody
that drove me to almost insanity
not a plague
do not fear us
we have the eyes of truth
the kind souls
seeing of the dark times
battling it
until they are one of the same
the warriors of hope
that is the battle with the life
i believe in the sight
depression isnt to be scared of
we are all beings
one and the same
as the earth plays its harmonies
to the melody of the universe
its not a plague

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