A point where you feel you cannot handle life
A point where all you see is this black tunnel
A dim light at the end of a tunnel;
You walk towards the light;
As you walk towards the light
you feel hands grabbing you.
Thousands of hands;
trying to pull you back;
you move forward as if in a dream
You feel you must walk towards that dim light;
as you progress the light only becomes dimmer,
you feel you want to simply just put the light out;
maybe the hands will stop grabbing you;
you just want it to stop;
the feeling of confusion in your head
maybe this will stop it.

The feelings in your head don't want to stop
You try and move forward
You feel the sweat on your forehead
You wipe
Only to see that your hands are stained with blood
Your feet slip
You feel the ever-present hands grab you
You feel the hands touching you
You feel the hands pulling you into a black abyss
You search for the dim light
Only to find no light
You feel that this is not a dream
You feel the pain in your brain
You search for help
Only to find faceless heads looking at you
You hear the laughter of people you used to know
Fingers pointing at you
Hearing the people whisper
But you don't understand . . .
This darkness that surrounds you. . . .

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