From a victim of darkness, pleading happy fate,
sick and tired of smiling, busy making self-hate.
Having evil dreams of grave,I wake up late night,
now it’s only me and the silent pitch-black light.
Time when great and grief thought comes,
creating either mind or heart full of lumps.
Just wanted to escape, hope not a disastrous end!
Deeply holding the broken side I can never lend.
But a shadow of pain knocks and stings my brain,
now I am an alive massive cloud about to rain.
Watching me hardly breath,the spooky death calls,
Sweetly both me and my ticking clock on the wall.
Ready to sadly kill myself;just to happily bleed,
now to the heaven but let the wet mud shield.
Leaving the deadly world my heavy soul aches,
I wonder now!Was my unseen hero a fake?
Now watching from heaven; the lives you are about to sue
Oh!You were my shell;my lovely home when my grief grew.
Yes,you—The Bloody depression;who is as cold as ice,
Beware of him as he can make you blind and kill thrice!

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