Your face shines often but shadowed with a lurking darkness

Your smile falters and falls when your mind is blanketed with pain

Your unruly nails bitten down bloody to their beds

The soft soothing sleeves of your coat hide the cuts embedded on your arm

The make up hiding the dark circles that lay under your eyes

And your heart void, only filled with black searing pain

You scream and shout; yelling desperately for help

But the people remain oblivious; your voice unheard

You try to express your pain; reaching out for someone to talk to

But they label you an attention seeker; claiming you only want the spotlight on you

You attempt to explain your depression eating you up to your friends

But they simply just don't understand

So you keep it to yourself, letting it chip away who you are slowly

The hobbies you once loved are just a distant memory

You isolate yourself from the world, your friends no longer a priority

As you fear being a burden to them, being a heavy weight on them

You look at life through a window, trapped in a cage as people live life

A mental prison with no escape nor hope nor happiness

Neither are you living life nor feel alive, you are just breathing

Leaving you tired of all the pain and torture beating down at you

You feel as if no one wants you nor loves you; a weed in the human race

You feel as if you are uncared for or never enough; an orphaned child

A sense of being trapped overwhelms you with nowhere to turn; a caged animal

The dark claws of depression choke you; like black thick smoke suffocating you

Clawing and gnawing onto your mind; finally getting a hold of you

And all your will to live parishes; burning to ashes

A key turns, clicking and locking the bathroom door

A blotchy, tear stricken face stands before the mirror, staring back at you

Thoughts racing like a stampede of uncontrollable racing hoard of horses

But one rings out crystal clear, your heart turning to stone

And a final decision is made

You are a flickering star in the sea of billions

A shuddering and quivering star; struggling to shine in this overwhelming sky

Too weak to constantly shine and shimmer in this large universe

Until your light goes out, burnt out by the pain within

And your world goes dark; drawing to a heart wrenching end

Many have spent day and night, restless with the memory of your precious face

Denying that you are no longer

To this day, no one really knows why you did it

They are left clueless, hidden in the dark with no answers but left with questions

And left with their imaginations to come up with a reason to explain your passing

"She/He had everything. What was possibly wrong?" They thought

"She/He was always smiling. We couldn't have know she was unhappy" They say

But none come close to solving this idle mystery

Maybe they could have known if they had taken the time to listen to you

Maybe they could have known if they understood what was eating you up

Maybe they could have stopped you from burning your light out

But those are questions to remain unanswered for eternity

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