These White walls of my mind. I cannot sleep.
I retreat further into my mind's white fear,darkness
covers me.
Where is the colour?
I am trying to stay strong.
Stay strong, Stay strong.
Words echo round my mind,ricocheting off the white
walls, changing,twisting;broken:fears,promises,bubbles
of old,forgotten,silent joys.
I am scared.
Where will this lead?
The scene changes. A bell rings.
A new day, a new day.I cannot concentrate.
I have learnt to perfect a faked smile.There are hidden
shadows there.I wish I was brave enough to say.I need
help.Help me.My daddy says: it's all in my head.
I feel disconnected, a line,cut. My thoughts scare me.
I don't want this reality.Help me.
I can't feel anymore.
These White walls of my mind. I retreat further,
darkness covers me again.

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