In the depths of darkness, where shadows reside,
Lies a solemn soul, where sorrow resides.
Depression, the alchemist of despair,
Engulfs the spirit, leaving it threadbare.
A heavy weight upon a fragile heart,
A stormy sea, tearing worlds apart.
It cloaks the mind with a relentless fog,
Dulling the senses, ensnaring like a bog.
Oh, the depth of anguish, so hard to explain,
An invisible battle that often remains.
A silent struggle, a relentless fight,
Draining the colors from once vibrant light.
But hear me, dear soul, know you're not alone,
Within these verses, seeds of hope are sown.
Though shadows linger and torment may ensue,
There's strength within, waiting to breakthrough.
For depression, though powerful, can never erase,
The beauty and grace that resides in your space.
Hold on to the fragments of laughter and dreams,
And paint them on the canvas, where hope redeems.
Reach out, dear soul, to the hands that will lend,
A listening ear, a companion to mend.
For in unity lies the strength to withstand,
The darkest of nights, with love and a helping hand.
Though the path may be rugged, winds may howl,
Know that your spirit is a phoenix, avow!
For from the depths of darkness, you will rise,
Renewed, transformed, and claiming the skies.

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Key Words : deppresion.

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This Poems Story

I just wanna tell people the story of depression and how scary it can be. Even though it\'s different for everybody, you feel like there is no good and all you see is the dark.