Depression is a word I have been scared to say.
I’ve been scared to admit the hold it has on my life.
Depression decides when I smile and when I cry.
It decides whether I feel okay or like garbage.
My depression is like a surprise attack.
Sometimes it leaves me alone
Hiding in the shadows,
And sometimes it creeps into my mind
Disabling me at any moment.
Depression is a merry go round you can never jump off of.
It's a tango of struggle.
Struggle for happiness,
And a struggle to fight against the darkness within me.
I am just a girl with depression.
You can’t see it behind my fake smile,
And you’ll never see me falter unless you look real close.
Depression has this unwavering hold on my life.

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This Poems Story

This Poem is about the fight I\'ve been having with depression most of my life.