By Daiah   

When life loses its appeal and everything seems to be falling apart, moments when pain gets so real it strangles the heart.
When the only reason to be present is the fear of not finding rest after you end it.
Everybody is oblivious to the ominous cloud hovering over your head, because your face gives a misleading forecast of "everything is okay."
Before it looked like you had hidden the monster behind a locked cellar but now it walks with you like a pet dog. Even though its appearance is grotesque you are no longer afraid, because it stayed with you even when your closest friends had left.
As time moves, a part of you feels the need to stop but the expectations of others drag you out of bed and force you out of the door.
Funny how you can be on solid ground and still be drowning...
Its terrifying to be alive and feel like dying...
Its sad not to know how to keep this from happening.

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