It is the dismal day of war
Leaving an open wound
That will not heal.

It is the shattered dreams
Dying more and more
That slowly evaporate.

It is the broken heart that cries
Pleading for relief from pain
Without making a sound.

It is the ebony darkness
Enveloping the soul
Silencing the joy.

It eats the unsuspecting mind
Bit by bit by bit
Until all reason's gone.

It lays the cold clammy hand
Of death atop the head
Draining all will to live.

It blocks the future
Blurs the past and
Magnifies the present.
Leaving an open wound
That will not heal.

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This Poems Story

This was written while I was going through a difficult time. Two family members died within two weeks of each other. I felt the loss deeply for both these family members. My depression almost pulled me into the deep dark pool. But, poetry, and the good Lord, kept me going and helped me through my darkest moments.