My body emits the radiation of death;
But my mind personifies the image of life
Flowers burn in black flames and melt like ice when I pass by,
The emotionless sand draws me into its vicious hole,
The rain pities me with its showers,
The rainbow smiles at me but quickly fades,
Staring at clouds gives me ancient and mystical dreams.
My pessimism is omnipotent but my optimism is impotent
My energy has been sucked by a leech of humans,
Grasshoppers salute me with good morning;
And Lady Bugs kiss me when I doze off in thoughts,
Society judges me as an epidemic,
Pharmaceutical firms treat me as a cash magnet,
Creating generations of addicts while promising temporary relief,
The truth is no one can cure your depression
Depression is a monster;
But ultimately you can destroy it with your mind.

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