There was a smell of depression tonight
It sounds like sighs and I don’t cares
Stop, Stop
Sounds of complaining and mopping
Stop, stop , stop
You want to know what it’s like?
The sound of Depression
Constant laughter and ridicule (Stop)
Like a fly always buzzing in your ear (Failure)
Like silence in a giant chapel (Stop)
The constant touch of depression
An unfriendly reminder that you do everything wrong
Like cold metal tearing warm skin (Kill yourself)
Two hands wrapped around your throat while you’re forced to smile (stop)
Do you know what it even looks like
Like staring into a void that doesn’t even bother to look back (Stop)
Like anon hate across your dash (Kill yourself)
Your own reflection but there is no better half (Failure)
Do you know how it smells?
Like crusted blood on a rusty blade (Stop)
Like dirt under fingernails unwashed for days (Failure)
Like salt and slime that doesn’t stop flowing (Kill yourself)
Finally the taste
Always holding in your own tongue (Stop)
In some cases there is no taste nothing ever crosses (Kill yourself)
In some cases metal moments before the trigger (Failure)
You know nothing of how depression feels
It’s a phase
Cheer up already
Stop, Stop
Are you actually talking now
Stop, Stop, Stop
Tonight there was an air of depression
Tonight there is a soul to whom it no longer applies

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