Depression is : a mood disorder causing a persistent feeling
of sadness and loss of interest
Trying to explain my depression is like going down a dead end
Im not going to get anywhere
Im tired of people telling me your to happy to be in a depression
That you need to just stop being weak
maybe then you wouldn't be in a "depression"
Im tired of people trying to tell me what
my depression and anxiety consists of
Depression isnt that feeling of not wanting to get out of bed on monday morning
But not wanting to get out of bed at all
That moment when you wake up and realize
that your alive and this overwhelming sadness comes over you cause you wish you werent
Yea now were getting close
Depression is that moment when death seems like the easiest way out
Im pretty sure it is
People say depression is just a cover up on you being weak
But when your mind can turn any remotely happy
moment into something distraught and evil
Im pretty sure that needs a lot of mental strength
When you can have the ability to cut deep enough
to draw blood on ur unmarked skin continuously
im pretty sure you need some strength to get through that
But i mean if that is what weak is, i must
be one of the weakest people alive

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