Depression is sitting in her bedroom at night sad and alone
She doesn't want to be at school;
She doesn't want to be at home
She wears different shades of black to match how she feels
She's too distraught;
She skips a few more meals
She fakes a smile with people around
She doesn't want to bring them down
She's sad for no reason;
It's against her will
"Don't worry" her mom says,
"Just take another pill"
People don't understand
Why she's sad for no reason
But the truth is, neither does she
The hurt is committing treason
It doesn't belong here
She doesn't deserve this
But depression is also fear
A fear she doesn't miss
Depression is scary
You're always on edge;
Always unsure
Wanting to go over the ledge
Depression has taken over many
She wishes it wasn't her,
She wishes it wasn't any

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