Surreal makes this world a wonderment whirl
Away I stay. I wish nothing. Thoughts won't obey
I pray awake then quake a quiver then shiver a blink of not today
Aware beware only because this can't shouts tones of alone
I own this tainted throne of life's stagnant stay
Harbored thoughts of nothing echo distantly defiant
I cringe then shake away twisted faraway dreams for self-reliant
Not fair with little care. Await I wash over my troubled stare
Below I search above my buried burdens and draw the curtain
Pursed anguish constantly allows distant dissolve. So uncertain!
If is was, then why these deviant causes?
Why allow uncomfortable, pulsated pauses?
Why shifted silence needed upsetting evolve?
A paradigm equates and disallows such hatred
Looks for ways out, I reach for inducing means creating self-sedated
Quips that snip twist their blunted dagger. Troubles stagger
Repressed, depressed, obsessed. Why does this nonsense matter?
Regrets? Perhaps with blinding digress
The rainbow bleeds its blatant distress
Alert hence causes awful blessed regress
Listen strong along my pragmatic senseless worry. I avoid belong
No problems no troubles I lie a trumpeted swan song
Creation equates welded non-calm
This is I be can't adapt. I beg don't flee or disagree with me
I need release from this hidden turmoil all to be free
Then leave the rest amid decree

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