It follows me
It smothers me with its dark, too large wings
It grins cruelly at my despair, at my pain
It haunts me in the night and casts a shadow in the day
It cackles when I fail and taints the few moments of joy
It screeches in my ear when I try to stop listening
It grabs me in its poison-tipped claws, piercing my soul
It destroys my dreams, my hopes, my future
It pushes me far from loved ones
It pulls my hair out, stains my teeth, ruins my body
It forces me to give in to the urges, to scar my skin
It lies to me, spits on me, mocks me
It tortures me, makes me feel only pain
It celebrates when I give up
It beats me down when I try to get up
It pretends to go away, only to return
It follows me and it never leaves

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