People walk by and stare.
can they feel the fire in my glare?
the contempt for myself is hard to bear..
they look down on me for what I wear..
abandoned at one left in a shed
searching for the love
in the words that she said ..
growing up afraid ..
no one ever stayed.
Still to this day I search for the good
in the guilty stained faces of this world ..
I don't understand why so many innocent have to die..
still I try..
i cry out take me instead Lord I've had a lifetime of pain.
what is one more minute here here going to gain?
Unsettling thoughts flooding my mind
a waterfall of tears crash down
washing away whatever hope I had left.
Casting me into an abyss.
Wandering the cold dark corridors of my depression alone and scared
I call out your name but your silence is deafening
I see a dark figure beckoning
but my fear is not lessening. .
my legs are shaking
I move close enough to see his eyes
blood-red ..
the monster hovering over my bed ..
the voice is loud inside my head
it says it wants me dead.

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