Depression is a sad thing i'm sorry too say,
that people die every day.
Not just because of oldness and sickness.
But because of the way they harmed themselves.
They cut and wack and hang themselves
for sins we don't know.

They they bang and hang themselves because of something someone said.
They cut and bang and hang themselves because of reasons unknown.
Guilt will crush us until we find out

the guilty one here,is no one at all.
No one knew.
they didn't know what to do.
So they left it to happen,
and found out the truth.
They think to themselves if only I helped.
The families are crying
for everyone felt
when they left this place
hanging from their belt.
but inside they're gone for they have no more life.
stop for a second what could you have done?
Told them to hang on.
To not grab the gun.
Too not harm themselves
tell someone else because they can't handle the truth of it themselves

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