Depression. A battle of the Mind.

Here I am sorrowfully capsized on my bed,
Turning and stirring and
Can't hardly fall asleep.
Clouded thoughts scuttling my blurry mind
If you wondered what this might be,
Depression it is! A Beast.
Devouring your sanity.
Leaving you clueless of your actions,
Forcing you to face the consequences...

When you try to get away it’s worse,
Leaving deep wounds that can't be nursed
Running away from this feeling, I did try
Rather it just hits me back,
Like an elastic rubber band, each time.

Living with it...? Well I tried.
Little did I realize, it sucked
All the life and energy from my happy soul.
Left my well-being in mangled wrecks,
Completely ruined.
Brewing my misery of the damage irreparable,
Losing myself in shambles, tattering my confidence
My ego crumbling to rubble and ashes
Deprivation, demotivation and losing all Inspiration...

Sometimes, my thoughts are
Burning in tormented blazing fire...
And the other times I'm sinking in deep cold water.
It's so vivid and vague,
Close yet so distant.

I used to cry before, in which I found my Solace...
But now I'm so tired of breaking down,
Tears just won't stream anymore
My poor heart which once was raw,
Has now turned into a hard stony- rock,
Darting daggers of freezing cold retaliation.

Losing my sanity,
I used to slit my wrist,
In hopes that cutting would drive away
The pain and void.
Deceiving myself I gave in to this mirage of
Deception which was temporary,
But the aftermath of those cuts would burn
And pain leaving me with no gain,
Drawing me back to Reality!

I tried fighting this demon called "depression" alone.
But I lost and failed miserably.
Because I let it damage me so much,
That I laid wounded on the ground.

I felt hunger and thirst,
But even this started diminishing
I lost much that I resembled a skeleton.

It hits you worse than a Storm
Causing destruction like a Hurricane
You try voicing out,
But your tongue becomes like a sandpaper,
Your throat feels like being shot,
With piercing stacks of glass bars.

Everything is annoying and frustrating
You sink deep down,
Feel utterly hopeless.
All your positive energy is consumed
By the gory negativity.
Don't let the depression-dementor,
Suck out the cheerfulness and gratitude
From your heart.

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