Depression: A Hope

By Kyrani   

The sleepless nights,
The silent mornings,
Those mad cravings,
Those crazy mays and mights.

Folks call it psycho,
I call it melancholy.
Folks call it folly,
I call it gloo.

I smile, I laugh,
Too, I frown, I cry,
To the brain, a goodbye, my
Darling heart broods on its behalf.

The late-night parties
To the late-night mood swings,
With my hue and cry, I
Tied an engagement ring.

The world I loved betrayed,
The body I shamed stayed,
The songs I tuned and danced on
Are those lyrics my lips adorn.
The pillow-fight with my kin
Has forged into my tear-bin.

The souls who were my soulmates,
Now, have a high rate and busy dates.
The family who bothered my privacy,
Now, has me as their priority.

Nothing could it give me,
Yes, nothing but, 'me'.

A break,
I found my true self, from the broken, in a break.
I found my happiness within, when I broke my bonds in a break.
I found my cause, when I saw my dears break, in a break.
I found my goal, when God gave a break, in a break.

Play whatever the case be,
The scoreboard will keep movin',
One day, the newspaper
Shall scribble, I'm the winner.

Some cheers have to be dumped,
Some dumped are cheered,
Some memories have to be cherished,
Some cherished become memories.
Some hearts have to be broken,
Some broken have a heart.

Some hurdles are to be overcome,
Some hurdles overcame and healed.

This has to be never again!

It's not just a word.
It's a body-wrenching sword.
It's not just a mental disease.
It's what that deadly, ceases.
It's not just about sympathy.
It's about showing empathy.
It's not just bloody teardrops,
It's smiling when the heart's chopped.
It's not just dying,
It's somewhere between a fading
Life and a soulful death!

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