Depression during detention


Quarantine seems like a foreign thing for most
For me it's a normal thing
Wondering when we'll be a normal thing again
Who knows?

Trapped thoughts only let you escape when you hurt
It's the worst
These feelings you have you can't let win
Or quarantine won't be the end
Everyday stuck in my head
Wondering when it'll all end
Quarantine is about isolation and being alone
I can't remember when I last had hope
Wondering when I first felt cold
Trying to find a place called home

Angered thoughts I've slowley conquered
Quarantine is the real slaughter
I've been in love with your daughter
Now I feel like we're moving farther
Farther and farther apart
Testing every last thought
I just hope and I pray that I conquer it all
I just hope and pray that I'll be worth the fall
I just hope I make it through this fall
Quarantine is the worst of all

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