Depression Has Come To Play

Steely gaze, cold and numb, the mind forever lost
in agony of deep regret that forever pays a cost.
In a haze, dull and dim, that starts to stain the mind
with memories, so dark and grim, a joy you'll never find.
Slumping down, empty and frail, the despair will not abate
or cease the spell upon the mind as grief will be its fate.
Tortured frown, tragic and pained, that reveals a slow decay
of a soul, dark and strained, where depression has come to play.
A desperate plea, faint and bleak, hides a dark despair
of a mind that lost its way and does no longer care.
That desperate plea, weak and weary, rises from the gloom
a faint request, no one hears, to save him from his doom.
Jagged pains, deep and sharp, as it pierce the skin,
a last resort, thoughts insane, to kill the hurt within.
Bloody stains, mark a soul, just six feet underground
lying there, with no care, now there is no sound.

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