Depression Is

Have you ever felt so alone in a crowd.
Wanted to scream so badly but when you open your mouth no noise comes out..
Every tear that falls, you can't explain.
The anger violently progresses into pain.
Make a fist, but you can't hit the wall..
You want to speak, but you can't make that call.
Have you ever grabbed a razor blade that made yu cry?
The pain, it's overwhelming, suffocating on your thoughts and you just want to die.
But your stronger than that, at least that's what you get told.
Then why do I feel broken, so empty and cold?
Your not here, you don't see what I go through.
But I wish you were so then I could show you.
I'm not ok, I don't think I ever will be.
I lost who I was, I just want the old me.
Have you ever just wished, your life wasn't yours?

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Life becomes dark sometimes, writing is how I deal.