Depression Penitentiary

She looks left and right in the plain small milk colored room
Milk she hasn’t had it in a while
She looks down to see her bondage
Her chains sit on her wrist, her self inflicted prison
She is yelling internally but if she screams, if she cries in agony she will never be able to leave
Although maybe she didn’t want to
She swallows what they tell her to
They say it will be okay as they inject more of their help into her arm
They tell her to rest and think happy thoughts but happy thoughts wouldn’t bring back her mother
Happy thoughts couldn’t have stopped the rumors being spread around
Happy thoughts didn’t make him pull his pants up and walk away
Making it to where she could breath again in relief knowing he wouldn’t take her preciousness away
As she thought to herself, she found she couldn’t even find at happy thought to think anymore
She pulls out the blade she kept stashed away in case there was no way to recover and she had to escape
She cuts off her chains
She finishes the job
But before anyone can run into her hospital room she has already floated away taking her from her problems
Peacefully back to her sweet mother in some unknown place
Depression, her very real prison, did she truly escape?

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