Depression’s Eggshell

Depression is not an excuse.
normal is not everyone’s eyes
so when I write why, please set your pride aside
depression is the shattered glasses isolated in the room
depression screams within every millisecond of his, “I’m fine’s.”
depression is not made of oneself, but with the tracks of the sad
depression is the lonely caving in, despite the numbers of families and friends
depression is when he kicks the soccer ball and it goes to the back
so as the coach, please stop the game, pull him out and tell him it’s okay
maybe with calm help, he’ll score a win
maybe because she said it wasn’t okay
maybe because she pulled him out of the game and shouted
“Put your head back on track! Run 5 miles after that!”
and so when she pushed him off the only edge he had
he went up to the room andd picked up a broken glass
say maybe it’s best to stop playing the game
give up and admit defeat
the time has come when he saw the light
the only way for his mother to get the name mother, was gone
the only way for his father to get the name father, was gone
only 6 words were left to be read, he set those 6 words on his bed
It’s not your fault, father, mother.
so when you ask for their state, reassure them with calmness and kind
that you are still a parent, and that everything is going to be fine

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