Deranged Souls

A question raised always

On how the deranged think

The way they speak, the way they think

How might their memories link

Their predispositions never understood

Criminalised are their hiding hoods

Listed black in the rule book

Outcastes considered by the nook

Insecurities stemming from the past

Judgements thrown by the mass

And their shining armour will be stolen

And left with them what is broken

Who are we? The perfected flowers

Who are we? The armoured stars

What we do? We dethrone the soul

Why we do? Cause we own it all

Hidden behind, caged in the dark

Are all the things we never want to embark

Dark is hidden within and within

Provoked everyday to cave in

What we see? Broken lives

What we do? Break their ties

What we feel? Obliged

Why we feel? We have achieved the heights

No outcastes are made at the beginning

It’s just the way one handles things

And how we surround the lives we meet

And how we ask them to crash and repeat

Let us, never hurt so much

Someone who’s on the brink of insanity

Let us strive to commence a love

That ignites their inner purity

Let us stand with sanctity

These cruel intentions should be stained

Let us save a life everyday.

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