Stuck inside a hateful dream,
All is not quite what it seems,
I see my hands but disobeys,
Reality my mind oft betrays.

I long to feel deep connection,
Here is limbo, unkind suspension,
All I touch turns to ash,
Frustrated, unable to attach.

Life was golden now it’s black,
Confidence, charisma oh how I lack,
Suffocation but not to die,
Escape my lungs and let me cry.

Drugs embrace my throbbing veins,
Hell knows not my constant rage,
Is this all there is going to be,
Nothingness as far as I can see.

Here I stand in empty space,
As I move around this place,
It falls apart and seams unstitch,
Everyone else must be rich.

They say I’m fine and better still,
Their empty comfort is like a pill,
Temporary and oh so fake,
A pill that I am forced to take.

No one understands my painful plight,
I am so far away from the light,
Suicide calls me by my name,
I must admit I call the same.

Everything will disappear.
My rage persists as I near,
The end of time, my destiny,
Rebirth abandon memory.

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A series of feelings.