When I first heard your voice, a familiar reassuring sound
I had a friend, a solemate, who needed me
We got to know each other, like I've known you forever
You reminded me so much of me; from the same alien planet
I chose to stand beside you; as you climbed the mountain
I laughed and cried with you until no more emotions left
Lost track of time and didn't realize I climbed half way with you
Then you walked away and left me stranded and confused
No matter how loud I shouted, you never heard a word
I held on to the stones you left behind, trying not to fall
Forgot why I climbed up with you as I held on for my life
The stones were too loose, and piece by piece they crumbled
I began descending into the darkness landing deep
In shock I couldn't feel a thing, only empty thoughts
I looked up and there you were, further than I have ever imagined
You were holding your hand out to me
As I began my ascend back to the top, I took one last look and you were gone
A stranger, was looking down at me, expecting to be recognized
Only then I realize that I never really knew you
My adventure came to an end and the fall left me broken
I accepted the truth; you kept your options open
I was a package deal you didn't want
You'll always keep a mountain between us
The mountain Id rather climb alone

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