A shining halo can be seen no more,
Now replaced by devil horns.
Thorns push out from under her skin.
She gives up and lets the demons in.
White wings of feather lie on the floor.
Black leather instead now helps her soar.
Shouts and screams, they fill her ears.
Thoughts of dreams now shrouded in fear.

They fight inside, a battle begins.
War cries are sung, one must win.
The battle goes on, they push and shove.
At last, the battle is done.

Light slowly fades as the darkness creeps,
The fruit of victory the devil reaps.
Her eyes turn cold, she holds her knife.
She feels no pain, she feels no strife.
The devil laughs as she slits her throat,
Wants to dance, and proudly gloat.
He pulls the reins for the last time,
As all the light escapes her eyes.

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