The sand lay like a carpet soft but scorching my feet,
As I waded across it, sweat flooded my face,
My lips were cracked, my throat was dry,
And when I looked up at the sky,
The sun was a blazing ball.

When the wind blew the sand stung my eyes,
And flies flitted in the air,
The trees were bare and hunched like old men,
A vulture perched on a brittle branch,
Then swooned towards a carcass and gorged the meat,
And by the bird's feet a lizard
Slithered passed a withered body.

Cactuses stood like guards,
A scorpion scuttled towards me,
I fled but I tread on something slimy,
And a bite pierced me like a dagger.

The sand lay like a carpet,
A lizard slithered passed another withered body,
In the sky the sun was a blazing ball,
And there would never be any rainfall.

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