Desert Blues

There in my view laid my desert blue,
Across the water, above living color, they flew,
My blue jays of the desert, my thirst for rain,
Though found in my throat a column of fire,
Deprived, gasping, I stood.

Gazing at my blue jays of the desert,
The promises hinted by their feathers,
The comfort lying underneath their wings,
The stream of peace flowing in their serenity,
The mirage of life, how I wish they were true!

But alas, borne by fate to this desert of the real,
Though not true, I fear,
For my dreams escape me as verity evades me,
For the blue jays flew and burned of red,
A burning phoenix of legend and living wonder,
Left behind my desert blues, a feather.

Blue jays, my desert blues, how mischievous!
Transient and charming, never serious!
Searching for meaning in this lake of fire,
Many may find their paths rather dire,
Yet, there remains for me a blue jay feather,
Along my trail to the future for life better.

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