Desire [May 28, 2016]

Surrounded by a crowd of envy
He stood in the center of its greed
As everyone fought for power in a frenzy
He watched as they made themselves bleed

The weakness of man, their desire
Always unhappy, looking for something more
No matter how much they are admired
Their greed is the center of their core

One man's ambition was power
With a mighty army, all were at his mercy
With his desire, the land he did scour
Until another came with his mighty navy

One man was raised by a poor family
Wanting more, he stole from the wealthy
He cheated and killed for naught but money
Until he was betrayed in turn, by his own buddy

One man found a woman to marry
But he desired more, he wanted many
He tried to buy another with his money
He lost everything, when he already had plenty

And alone in the center of their desire
Stands one man, who cannot be made into a liar
For he doesn't want power, women or money
He has no ambition, to live like the many

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