I stand today ashore,
with the sea froth seeping under my feet.
Staring at a hundred blazing blue stars,
On long rivers of nebulous clouds.
Hours back in the eerie night when,
the remaining half of the gin stood before you
and huskily you pronounced,
"No drink, but you can quench my thirst", I broke.

Yes, I'd held your hands to satiate my desires,
But not this.
Desires of an ever flowing sacred love,
I'd read in the poems of Rumi.
Promise of an undying love,
I'd read of Odysseus and Josephine.
But whatever you looked for your thirst,
wasn't in the depths of ocean of my heart,
but in the brook of my skin, curves and boundaries.

Tonight, we stand, miles apart,
You, with your thirst still not quenched,
And I, like a Jigsaw puzzle,
Fathoming my existence, but in pieces.

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