Hi, Hi it’s me again
Sorry, know I call to much
But there’s this tiny seed of doubt
I can feel the roots have sprout
Oh God I’m crying out
But all I get is an echo
In the dark, in my dreams, at night
God give me a sign
Feeling his arms wrap tight
Brush a tear right off my face
“Hey. You’ll be okay”
Close my eyes feels the embrace
Desires never knew I had
Desires I’d locked away
Jump in the dark
Feel the warmth as it slowly goes
I’ve never felt so hollow
But nothing really changed
He walked out long ago
You walked out right now
Oh God I’m broken down
All I get is an echo
memories of past events
At least this time I know how it ends
This endless cycle on repeat
That’s what they meant by history
Even now the damage is done
You only cared about them
Too late to try to start again
Never asked what I want
Never showed a caring hand
Now I’m broken
With these tears locked in the dark
I still can’t talk to you
Because It’s still about them
I’m reaching out
I’m holding tight
To the dreams that I dream at night
I’ve never been so hollow
I’m silenced by the echo
Drowning in desires I’ve hid away
So I’m crying out
I can feel my mind unwind
As I slip into a dream
At least I finally found someone
Who doesn’t want to leave

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