I like my math and science,
But I'm hopeless in english so I hate it.
When I'm worried which is right,
They both ended up wrong.

Today's homework was pretty easy,
Passing it with ease.
But a poem written about me,with no personality,
What do I say?
Say that we're sad,
Say that we're lonely?

Can you read the words on the blackboard?
Can you read the imagination in my head?
Can you see it?
Can you read it?

Can you solve this equation in the test?
Can you untie the rope around that kid's neck?

Can you recite the area-ratio formula?
Can you recite your dreams from when you were a child?
The one who threw those dreams down the drain?
Hey, who did it? You already know it, don't you?

When will you grow up?
What the heck does it mean to be an "adult" in the first place?
Who can I ask for help from?
Hey, what do I do? It doesn't matter anymore.

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