Despair is the color of sunken eyes at 3am
Despair is the sound of 10 phone calls constantly going to voicemail
It tastes like whiskey and vodka-dulling the pain and memories
It smells like the aftermath of a hurricane-messy and complicated
It looks like World War 3- bloody, neverending and hopeless
Despair carves away a larger hole in me each day

Despair is the color of bloody knuckles on brick walls
It's the sound of agony-filled screams into the void
It tastes like blood from bitten and bruised lips
Despair smells like the dust from old pictures of us
Despair looks like snowfall- coming down slow but heavy
It rips me apart like a piece of written on paper

Despair is the color of frostbite on your lips
It's the absence of sound on a playground-echoes bouncing through air
Despair tastes like the smoke in your lungs as you exhale
It smells like a deserted cemetery- wet soil and fog filling the air
Despair looks like 7 Jack Daniels bottles lying around my nightstand
One last desperate plea before despair consumes me

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