Why do I hate my sister in-law-Oh let me count the ways
She has mastered manipulation-In all conniving ways
From writing fraudulent checks-To borrowing money everyday
You can see it in her eyes-She's never going to pay
Easily victimized-Feel Sorry For Her
Take advantage will she?-Do kittens purr?
Ban her from my house I did-Still debt collectors call
Blame everyone else she will-Boy she's got some gall
Her mail comes to my house-The reminder annoys me everyday
Out of control for sometime-An intervention's needed today
Enabling her mom has been-All the excuses along the way
There's a common factor in this equation
-It's you, you've got to change
Robbing your parents' house-Frowned upon everywhere
You and Adolf Hitler-Might have been the perfect pair
Bang on my door she might-Her words would fall on deaf ears
Fooled me once, fooled me twice
-But I've wised up through the years
Ask not what she-Can do for you
But ask how many bridges-She's burned through
No room left to wonder-Why I disapprove so much
She's like the leader of a suicide cult
-Offering society poison punch
I'm something of the peaceful type
-But when pushed, I will push back
There won't be anyone for her to push
-When everyone's turned their back

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