Despair for pairs

Eyes disppapointed ones aren't they?
Mind so reliant on sight
Thoughs make reality distort
Feel...numbs me from the inside
Smile...happens once a year
Hope... can't hold to bear
Sleep...night wonder, fear of the unknown
Death... something we all want to prospone
Until we are all completely bone.

Step by step I can feel the synconisity of my clustered heartbeat in my scally feet. Every movement breaking a piece off as if it was at that point, the heart of my soul's beat.

Mind racing copy and pasting nothing original but plaisarism from past occurrences, wish I had some references.
Day to day wonder,
Running on Mars.
Sad how we are, gentle souls demonically intercepted by the laws of ones own inner world.
Too weak to see you smile I know it will take a mile, before we reach body to body embraces.
How I miss your perfect day faces.

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This Poems Story

I wrote this one about 3 years ago. I was very lost and it made it difficult for me to maintain a healthy relationship with my girlfriend, however since then we have grown and experienced so much together. This poem symbolises the moment when everything fails to make sense and when a person feels that things won't ever be as they were.