Despair [July 31, 2015]

Inside the abyss of his mind
In this world he is blind
He feels lost, without hope
With misery he tries to cope

Sorrow and grief cling to his heart
As all he knows is torn apart
All is ruined and has no part
In this world he tries to impart

Torn and empty, He turns to rage
He turns to sorrow and turns the page
In this book of despair he stays
Until he finds a verse in grey

The verse is short and fits just right
To how he feels in the night
His despair clings on too tight
So lost, he cannot fight

Depression fills the sea
As he falls to his knees
He looks to the sky and pleas
For someone to end the misery

His soul is doomed, he feels demise
He is consumed, He closes his eyes
As he falls, he gives in to despair
Free at last, he gives a final prayer

For the world is cold and bleak
People do not love and only seek
Pain and suffering upon the weak
Shriek and cry, prey and betray
Give a prayer, You know you stray
In Despair

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