Desperate Breaths

A breath away from where you are, was a prayer breathed softly
to the Poison Stars.
No broken heart can truly mend, when love's never lost,
though its met its end.
Forever locked in a distant gaze, when the star lights lonely,
listless, and gray.
From heaven above, I saw angel's wings, tasted poisonous love,
from the serpentine.
And hour of grace, with not a moment of peace, imprisoned by hope,
while my hearts still beats.
In service of self, be of vanity's path, a slave unto Stars,
she has but to ask.
With a sorceress' fire, she held my stare, and kissed my lips,
with desperation, rare.
Each breath she took, from me she stole...Under Poison Stars,
a distant thunder rolls.
Though I heed the roll, of the ominous drum, A part of me stolen,
the part I cant numb.
With emerald dreams and sapphire gems, The Blackened Rose,
no more withers and bends.
Would a thorn-less rose, thru the night, survive?
By moonlight she sleeps, by star-light I thrive.
My darkness revealed, a moment wanderlust, Her priceless gold,
tarnished with rust.
Not a moment to lose, only seconds to gain, bound by love,
driven by pain.
..Just a breath away from where you are...
My love bleeds softly for the Poisoned Stars.

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