In words lie power.
Time has made this clear.
A pen can set fire in the souls of millions
While a single man is restricted by his own skin.
If these markings can hold such strength
Then why do mine feel
To express what I so deeply want?
A hurricane rages within me.
But when I try to release it,
When I try to speak the words,
The winds become soft as the year's first snow.
I scream into the wind and rain,
But my words fall silently as snow by your ear.
I am drenched.
I cannot rip through wind and storm
When your hand is just out of reach.
But that will not stop me.
I will scream until my throat is dry and barren.
I will write until my pen lies drained and my hand, stiff.
I will love with the force of the winds within
Until you know the truth or I am swept away.

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