August fifteenth, year two thousand eleven
Happier than a soul on the stairway to heaven
Had I of known then, or had I known how
The world would be different, and less darker than now
Beautiful, tall, captivating eyes
Deeper than any black hole in the sky
Knew it was trouble, knew it was bad
I couldn't resist, something that I had to have
Months pass, innocence fades
Lord forgive me, I've made a mistake
Depression, sadness, tears fall off my face
The lies, the stories, were they lies were they true?
Who can I trust, when I could never trust you
Years pass, almost twenty now
Coming back to this middling small town
The town is dark, the grass is brown
Looks like this place never changed anyhow
Driving around, not a passenger anymore
Pull up to the stop, a familiar road
Funny, it feels like I've been here before
Pull up to the curb, I see a familiar face
Finally someone I acknowledge in this worn out place
You stare ahead, probably wondering what I'm doing in town
I remember the past, and quickly turn around
Months pass and we still haven't spoke
"and all I loved, I loved alone"
In the wise words, of Edgar Allen Poe

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