Destination of Love

In a blink of an eye, you came into my life
The love you bring is not minimal but suffice
Distant lovers from across the world
Never had a clue that I would hold the title as your girl
Strong mind and strong willed
True love will take its course as we both are still
Still.still.taking it one day at a time
While knowing deep in my heart that you are mine
To love, to hold, to cherish
The feelings that I have for you will never perish
They say that the third time around is truly a charm
I am a witness to this theory because I have you on my arm
Our likes outweigh our differences to a great degree
I am you, you are me.don't you agree?
A love so gentle and a love so kind
This love ignites at every connection of our minds
Could it be that a dream has come to pass?
Could it be that a love has been found that will last?
God knows and time will tell
For this union is one that the angels in dwell
Faithful, just, and true
I give my all to you and only you

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