I love the way his skin feels on mine,
the way he walks, talks, his presence is so divine,
but at times i feel that our love is forbidden, destine only to be written in my poems,
I feel intoxicated while in his presence,I feel intense,I feel alive,
for he reprieves me from my happiness when he leaves me,
I love his voice, the scent of his him, his body language when he talks to me,
I have been unhappy for so long and he, he knows how to make me smile,
and wouldn't it be my luck that a rumor comes around and we start to hate each other,and now I miss the way we use to be, and now I have to sit and think about the mean things he will say to me, so I cry,
for our forbidden love, destine only to be written in my poems has encountered a storm that is bigger than any of us,
and I pray to god that he doesn't forget the idea of us, and my heart breaks,
at the thought of what could've been, a forbidden love destine only to written in my poems has formed, and my life ends in the lake dishes break, and tear drops fall for our love is a story that is not yet told, because it's not yet written.
for it is destine only to be written in my poems.

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