Destined or Not..

By Alexis   

Where are we going? What are we doing?
Why am I allowing you to play with my emotions?
Bad enough I can't have you in real life. I mean, you have a wife.
And then to know that I have to share you on the line seems to send my stomach in waves like the oceans.
Someone told me that...
Maybe it's not what and who you are that they want..
Maybe it's what you have..
Well if it's like that....
Then let me take my feelings back.
Let me put my wall up again.
Let me stop giving you the part of me that makes you feel like a man
Maybe I should save it for that right man.
That man that cherishes everything about me...
And not just the way I call him Daddy.
But from my understanding, it's a lot of women who you are "Daddy" too.... too..
Is that how you do?
Are you the type of man that loves when women pawn and chase after you?
Well I'm sorry.. I'm not that type boo.
I adore you.
I always think about you.
I care about you.
I love you.
Love you enough to let it go,
So our friendship can continue to grow.
Your like my best friend, I can tell you anything
But It's bittersweet because I want to give you my everything..
You constantly doubted my love for you and EVERYTHING..
You've always meant more to me than just a fling.
And even through everything, realizing that I'm your destined Queen...
I still think you deserve to be treated like a King
And I mean that... On everything.

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