Destined to relive/repeat

By DMAC   

Is one's life simply lived or is one's life lived simply? Other than the proverbial "family tree" does one's life leave any sort of imprint, image or impression for the next generation to reveal?
Are we simply born into this world or better yet are we reborn? Are we an ingrained design just destined to repeat itself until perfected? Does reincarnation actually mean to duplicate or mimic? Instead of reincarnation are we just images of our former selves over time represented continually to appear brand new? Better yet are we nothing but lost souls wandering between an invisible veil of a transparent destiny bound for another recurrence of our owns final destination? Does our very first footprints tell our entire story through centuries of rebirth and replicated design?
Do we truly hold our destiny in our own hands or is that simply a myth to keep one's self from searching for life's true meaning and what lies beyond our realm?
How many times has our left behind auras been transferred through infinite durations? First beginning in one decade or during a specific era to become yet another century of a copied demise? Are we to be remembered or to just become an unrelenting loop of continuation? Will we only be known as that feeling of dejavu, of something only witnessed in ones past life events or simply just mistaken for yet another dream?
How are we to fix a final destination if we are never given the tools to remember where it began? If we are suppose to be reborn on earth to correct wrongs should we not be given the knowledge of the obstacles we have yet to conquer?
If the reason to earth's so many start overs was to not replicate extinction, should we not be born with the knowledge of our past mistakes?
If born an angel but die in sin, is it fair to say you are destined to repeat yourself after reincarnated no matter what species?
Is it also fair to assume our past souls are always a part of our reborn lives no matter the era they appear in? Is that not why generations of the same incompetent souls surround, engulf and encompass certain beings and never let them go? Is this not how the books of purity and evil were written and portrayed for generations?
If evil began and still remains than do we automatically assume good does as well? Then also if good reincarnates and passes through time in order to keep some relevant balance then it seems we have to believe that evil also found that same translucent tear in time ergo the same opportunity to prevail.
So how after decades of hazy rebirth and restarts do we find a way to right what we once did wrong? How can we overcome a doomed destiny if we are forever recycled to relive it with no past recollections?
To overcome evil it seems one would have to know why it prevailed in the first place. If rebirth is a chance for good to prevail then evil has slithered through once again and imprinted itself on all of our futures.
One can not simply pray and be good and one cannot simply sin and be bad. Time has shaded major gray and rapidly growing in between area. It is no longer as simple as the angels in heaven and the demons in hell.
After several millennium of lost impressions and broken imprints many mistakes have repeat themselves. Not enough of times echos have filtered through to help detonate our souls or to provide us with the ancient recollections we so desire. Therefore we are destined to relive, revisit and replay our past lives like they are one. They are never to be separated and never to be distinguished. They are simply to be redone, restarted and revised but never by one's self. Then a devastating mistake occurs and once again our slates are wiped clean and our earth is remade so a new era can begin.
In every new beginning fresh teaching books will tell of the earth's natural extinction and amazing restructure. Therefore through ancient relics, generations of hidden artifacts and lost pieces of fossilized design will once again discover the tragic fate of those before us. Doomed, we are forever left to ask the questions of why, how and who.
As in the beginning we will always end with the same question. Are we simply given a destiny at birth and taught that we are in control of it? the destiny we are given just a mirror image of one's past self and designed to replicate, almost duplicate a certain sequence of events therefore enabling us to believe...."That we are in control of and can determine our own futures?"

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I wouldn't consider this a poem myself really but a deep collection of questions and thoughts put together to describe how often we feel as if we have been some where before or done something before but cannot recall having done them. And just my own insight and questions I ask myself about reincarnation, rebirth and just an infinite loop of repeating our lives.