Kids who are jammed in a jar for the system
Taken in for government income
Why do we flee from those who ask
"Love Me"?
Beaten, abused, neglected and bruised.
Do they deserve this pain from you?
Stripped from happiness and dignity,
Sold for coins, exchanged for favor.
Touched on, rubbed on, cummed on.
This isn't what she meant by "Love me".
No cooking, no gritz, just scraps and bits.
No affection is shown, for those who are known
To ask for only someone to "Love me"
Some chained, some whipped but some fought, some spit.
Never released, values decreased.
Lay there no food, no fight.
Forced to believe this is life.
Destiny never wanted this,
She only wanted "Love me"
There she goes so young and so broken,
Nobody was there; not even the men who broke her.
She never asked for this she just wanted someone to love her.
All I wanted was for someone to "Love Me"

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