Never thought you'd say I'm just not a good fit.
I am who I'm am, but maybe that it.
Day in and day out I show my true colors.
But when I look around I'm not like the others.
Let me show you I can do it, but you disagree.
I will never stop trying until you see and hear me.
I am helpful I am strong and you see me this way
but in the end you didn't like me, so I couldn't stay.
I want to be here and do the work I am called to do
but you decide the end was near and called it through.
Finally the day came and this was truly the end.
I knew in my gut, but hope that you would still be my friend.
For I was blind, but Now I can see
The final call is here because I was meant to be free.
Your presence made me a bird that has clipped wings.
Now I am free to do whatever and do my own thing.

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This Poems Story

This poem is about being in a situation where you don't belong. You hold on to hope that the situation will improve but it never does.